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Please refer to the following guidelines on the UIL website:


Groesbeck ISD takes head injuries and concussions very seriously. If you suspect your child has sustained a concussion and has not been seen by the athletic trainer or a doctor, please have them come to the fieldhouse before school at 7:45 a.m. The Licensed Athletic Trainer (LAT) is trained to comprehensively evaluate a potential concussion and will refer as needed. Additionally, we have take home handouts and information that we can send with your athlete to better inform each and every athlete and parent.

It is a new requirement as of Fall 2017 for every participant of a Groesbeck High School contact sport to complete a baseline concussion test conducted by the LAT. This allows for a better comparison of cognitive and balance abilities before and after a suspected minor traumatic brain injury has occurred. This test takes less than 5 minutes to complete and is instrumental in allowing the LAT to make a more informed decision about whether or not to suspect a concussion. 

Any athlete who exhibits signs or symptoms of a concussion, or has abnormal cognitive testing, will be removed from participation and will not be allowed to return to play until further evaluated. “When in doubt, hold them out!”


The following are observed & reported signs of a concussion:

Observed Signs (by athletic trainer or coach):

1. Dazed or stunned appearance

2. Confusion about assignment, play, score

3. Memory loss

4. Altered coordination

5. Balance problems

6. Personality changes

7. Responds slowly to questions

8. Forgets events either prior to hit or post hit

9. Loss of consciousness (any duration)

Reported Symptoms (by athlete):

1. Headache

2. Fatigue

3. Nausea or vomiting**

4. Double or blurry vision

5. Sensitivity to light or noise

6. Feels “sluggish” or “foggy”

7. Problems concentrating

8. Problems remembering



Once the LAT suspects a concussion…

By law, the athlete must be evaluated by a physician before returning to play. **This does NOT necessarily mean a trip to the Emergency Room.** The LAT will give the parents/guardians a professional opinion shortly after the time of incident as to whether or not it is deemed necessary to be further evaluated by an ER physician. If not, we work very closely with the physicians at Southwest Sports Medicine & Orthopedics in Waco and will be recommended to the parents/guardians to schedule an appointment with one of the highly qualified doctors who work there. After a physician has released the athlete into the LAT’s care, he/she will begin the Return-to-Play protocol we have in place here at GISD. 

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