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Board Members

Board of Trustees Website Welcome Information

Board Group Photo Austin ISD Board of Trustees (from left) Tamala Barksdale, At Large 9; Cheryl Bradley, District 1; Lori Moya, District 6; Jayme Mathias, SECRETARY, District 2; Vincent M. Torres, PRESIDENT, District 4; Gina Hinojosa, VICE PRESIDENT, At Large 8; Robert Schneider, District 7; Amber Elenz, District 5;  Ann Teich, District 3;

Responsibilities of Leadership

Guiding the Groesbeck Independent School District toward excellence is the goal of the seven-member GISD Board of Trustees. As the district's elected leaders, trustees represent community expectations as they chart the direction of educational programs and services and establish the standard by which success is measured.

Trustees employ the superintendent, approve the budget and monitor expenditures, set the tax rate, and may call for a bond or tax rate election. The board also establishes policies for operating the district and ensuring its financial viability.

GISD Board of Trustees:

Mika Morgan, Board President, District 2
Randy Hunter, Board Vice President, District 4
Bridgett Jackson-Tatum, Board Secretary, District 1
Tom Sutton, Board Member, District 3
Aslone Foy, Board Member, District 5
Bill David Sadler, Board Member, At-Large
Ronnie Ferguson, Board Member, At-Large