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Bond Election

Bond Election November 7, 2017

The GISD Facility Committee recommended the district hold another Bond Election in the amount of $5,000,000.
The committee’s recommendation was itemized as follows:

  • ($3,000,000) For purchase of a new fleet of buses and white vehicles with safety in mind.  (The money from sales of the current buses would go straight into the fund balance.)
  • ($800,000) To cover four years for the purpose of maintenance, which includes general maintenance and upkeep of district facilities.  (The facility committee broke into smaller committees and each visited campuses and asked them what their needs were.)
  • ($120,000) To repair the lentils that are falling down at the Groesbeck High School. 
  • ($600,000) To seal the outside brick wall that is located at the band hall and stage area at the high school. 
  • ($400,000) Another immediate need is to replace up to 40 air blowers  ($10,000 each) at the high school.  There are many buckets placed around the high school to catch the water from the ceiling drain lines.
  • ($50,000) The Groesbeck Middle School is not secure.  Five entrances need to be replaced with security doors.    
  • ($15,000) For fencing that will enclose the playground at Enge-Washington Intermediate. 


Certificate for Order and Order Calling Bond Election (Posted 09/ /17)

Notice of Bond Election English (Posted 09/13 /17)

Notice of Bond Election Spanish (Posted 09/ /17)

Where to VOTE during Early Voting? 

Limestone County Voters will vote at the Limestone County Courthouse, Room G-1 or at the Limestone County Courthouse Annex – Mexia, Courtroom.  Robertson County Voters will vote at the Robertson County Elections Department.

Where to VOTE on Election Day? 

Voters will vote where they normally vote in County Elections.  If you have a question as to where to vote for Limestone County Voters call Jennifer Johnson, Limestone County Election Administrator at 254-729-4997 or for Robertson County Voters call Ray Rodriguez, Robertson County Election Administrator at 979-828-5726.

Visit the following website for voting locations: Limestone County Elections




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