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Website Sponsor

Become a Website Sponsor!

Thank you for considering becoming a Groesbeck ISD Website Sponsor! In an effort to make the most of our website, we are now accepting sponsors.  

Our website serves as a main hub of information for families and attracting new families to our district.  Information on the district website ranges from registering to finding school news and events. We are offering space on the front page for website ads to area organizations and businesses that are interested in promoting their products or services to our families and surrounding communities, as well as showcasing their support of Groesbeck ISD.

We are very excited about the Website Sponsors option now available! With this option, your business website can have a link on our front page! Our website had 65,229 hits for the month of March 2018, which demonstrates how vital this resource has become.  This is a great way to hopefully bring new business and returning business your way! Becoming a Website Sponsor will help to defray the yearly fees to have this website available.

Ad Information

Our ad section offers unique customization opportunities, so you can reach the surrounding communities.  Ads can link directly back to your website or a specific link of your choosing.


·  District website sponsorship (one year) - $1000

·  District website sponsorship (6 months) - $700

·  District website sponsorship (1 month) - $100

Space Specs

Website ads are 554px x 200px

File Formats Accepted



The contract term is July 1st through June 30th. If you start during the year, your rate will be pro-rated.  Renewal reminders will be sent in June.

No Ad

Don’t have an ad, no problem; staff will work with you to develop one.

Ad Approval

All ads must be approved by the District before it will be placed on the Groesbeck ISD website.  Ads that consist of or link to alcohol, tobacco, lewd or vulgar picture(s) and/or word(s), violence, etc. will not be accepted.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, we are ready to get you set up on our website!  Please contact Teresa Battrick at 729-4136 or by E-mail