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Laptop Policies & Procedures


Groesbeck ISD Student Laptop Policies and Procedures




The Dell Chromebook laptop and a carrying case that has been issued to Groesbeck ISD (GISD) students are the property of the GISD. This computer is on loan to the student and must be used by the following Policies and Procedures, the District’s Acceptable Use Policy and any applicable laws. The laptop is considered school property, just like textbooks, calculators, etc. Use of this computer, as well as, access to the computer network, the Internet and e-mail is a privilege and not a right. These items are provided for educational purposes only and are intended to support the learning objectives of Groesbeck ISD.

Using the Computer at School

  1. Each laptop is assigned to an individual student. Students should never “swap” or “share” their laptop with another student. Laptops should be in a student’s possession at all times unless stored in assigned Smart Lockers (Middle and High School).
  2. Students should never share their password with another student. Please keep passwords confidential.
  3. Students who have permission to take the laptop home are responsible for bringing a fully charged laptop to school each day.
  4. Students who do not have permission to take their laptop home may pick up their laptop in the campus library each morning and are required to return their laptop to the campus library at the end of each day.

Using the Computer at Home

  1. Students must have written permission from their parent or guardian before they will be allowed to take their laptop home.
  2. Students should protect their laptop from extreme heat or cold.
  3. Laptops should never be left in a car, even if the car is locked.
  4. Students should never eat or drink while using their laptop or use their laptop near others who are eating and drinking.
  5. Heavy objects should never be placed or stacked on top of your laptop.  Objects include books, musical instrument, sports equipment, etc.
  6. Students should use care when plugging in and unplugging of the power cord, phone cord, and headphones.
  7. When at home, the laptop should always be used under adult supervision in a common family location (i.e., kitchen, living room, dining room).
  8. Students and parents/guardians understand that the laptop may be used to connect to the Internet at home and are responsible for acquiring an Internet Service Provider.
  9. If the laptop is lost or stolen, parents/guardians should immediately report the loss or theft to the local police and school administration.
  10. If the laptop is damaged or not working properly, it must be turned in to the campus library for repair or replacement.  Parents/guardians are not authorized to attempt repairs themselves or contract with any other individual or business for the repair of the laptop.  (Attached is a fees assessed chart)

Using the Computer for Internet and E-mail

  1. Students and parents/guardians understand that Groesbeck ISD does not have control over the information found on the Internet. While every attempt is made to block access from inappropriate material while the student is at school and home, the district is not able to monitor student usage of the computer while at home. It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to supervise the information that a student is accessing from the Internet while at home.
  2. Students should never share personal information about themselves or others while using the Internet or e-mail. This includes a student’s name, age, address, phone number, or school name.
  3. Parents/guardians and students are required to read and agree to the Groesbeck ISD Acceptable Use Policy before receiving Internet and e-mail access.
  4. Students should be aware that Internet access and e-mail, and other media that are accessed, created, or stored on their laptops are the sole property of Groesbeck ISD. The District has the right to review these items for appropriateness and to limit or revoke a student’s access to them at any time, and for any reason.

General Use and Care of the Computer

  1. When transporting their laptop to and from school, students should always be sure it is placed in the carrying case, and the case is fully closed.
  2. Students are expected to treat their laptop with care and respect. The laptop and case are the property of Groesbeck ISD and should be kept clean and free of marks at all times. Placing stickers, writing or drawing on, engraving, ripping, or otherwise defacing the laptop or carrying case are not allowed and will result in loss of privileges and charged fees.
  3. Any inappropriate or careless use of a laptop should be reported to a teacher or other staff member immediately.
  4. Students should not use their laptop while walking. Laptops should only be used while they are on a flat, stable surface such as a table. Laptops can be fragile, and if they are dropped, they may break.
  5. If a student chooses to take his/her laptop to an extracurricular activity, then he/she is responsible if the laptop gets damaged, lost, or stolen.  The cost of replacement will be $400.00.
  6. Laptops should never be placed in their carrying case while they are turned on. The laptop should either be turned off or in “sleep” mode.  Also, laptops should not be placed on or under soft items such as pillows, chairs or sofa cushions, or blankets. This will cause the laptop to overheat and will result in damage to the laptop.

Consequences of Inappropriate Use

The use of any district technology is a privilege and not a right. Students are expected to use their computer by these Policies and Procedures, and District Acceptable Use Policy and any applicable laws. Failure to use this computer appropriately will result in the following consequences, as determined by the staff and administration of Groesbeck ISD.

Cancellation of student use or access privileges, including the privilege of:

  • Taking the laptop home
  • Suspension from school
  • Expulsion from school
  • Civil or criminal liability under applicable laws

Terms of Agreement

Failure to comply with these GISD policies and procedures will end your child’s use of this property.  If the property is not timely returned, is damaged, lost or stolen, you are responsible for the reasonable cost of repair or replacement value on the date of loss according to the attached fees assessed chart.  In the case of theft or loss, a police report must be filed, and the District notified the next school day after the occurrence.  If the laptop is lost, stolen or damaged, you are responsible for the entire replacement costs.

Your right to use and possession of the property terminates not later than the last day of the school year unless earlier terminated by the District or upon withdrawal from the District.  If you do not get timely and fully comply with all the terms in this Groesbeck ISD Laptop Policies and Procedures Agreement, the District shall be entitled to declare you in default and take legal steps to recover the property.

2020-2021 Fees Assessed for Students

The reasonable cost of repair chart below is for any damage, whether accidental or intentional.



Broken Touch Screen (LCD)

Each Offense = $200.00

Keyboard (non-repairable) Top Case

Each Offense = $46.00

Charger/Adapter (lost, stolen, or broken)

Each Offense = $15.00

Other damages or needed parts

Cost of Parts and Repair









***If the laptop is lost, stolen, or damaged beyond repair, you are responsible for the entire replacement cost of $400.00.***