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Do You Want to be a Substitute Teacher?

Are you a caring adult who wants to work with students in a part-time position? You may consider substitute teaching.

Groesbeck ISD needs caring adults who meet the following qualifications to serve as substitute teachers and aides in our classrooms. A substitute teacher or aide takes the place of the teacher or aide who cannot be in the classroom on that particular date.

High School Diploma or GED
Acceptable background check including fingerprinting.   

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How to become a Groesbeck ISD Substitute Teacher:

  1. Complete and submit the Substitute Teacher Application Groesbeck ISD Online Application
  2. Complete the online Substitute Teacher Training.
    classroom substitute training
    1. Access by clicking the Classroom Substitute Training button above
    2. Sign up as a student
    3. Use the Access Code:  FFTW-9GRB-GFJSK
    4. Press Continue
    5. Enter your First Name and Last Name
    6. Enter your email and Confirm
    7. Press Register
    8. Click on GISD Substitute Training
    9. Under Student Progress, Click on Start Here and watch the video for instructions on how to navigate through the course. 
  3. After you have completed the online training, GISD will receive your score. 
  4. Once you have submitted your application and completed the online training, a member of the Groesbeck ISD Human Resources Department may contact you.
  5. If you have not been fingerprinted for a background check, you will be emailed a link to schedule your appointment.  (The district does not pay for fingerprinting.)  If you have previously been fingerprinted for working at a Texas school district, you will not need to do it again.
  6. Review the Substitute Teacher Handbook –  Substitute Handbook
  7. Once you have successfully completed all requirements, you will be added to the list of active substitute teachers.
  8. Individual campus or department personnel may then call you for subbing. 

For Questions: call 254-729-4100

To sub in the classroom the GISD’s Substitute Teacher Training must be completed. If you have previously completed GISD’s Substitute Training (in-person or online) you do not have to repeat this training.


Submission of an application does not guarantee that the applicant will be interviewed.  Only those chosen for an interview will be contacted.

The Groesbeck Independent School District does not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of race, religion, sex, age, national origin, disability, military status, or on any other basis prohibited by law.  Employment decisions will be made on the basis of each applicant’s job qualifications, experience, and abilities.  Questions or concerns relating to discrimination on any of the basis listed above should contact the Title IX Coordinator:

Dr. James B. Cowley, Superintendent
Groesbeck Independent School District
P.O. Box 559
Groesbeck, Texas 76642
(254) 729-4100