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School Board


Welcome to the Board of Trustees website. Here you will find useful information about the governance arm of the school district.

Board Group Photo Austin ISD Board of Trustees (from left) Tamala Barksdale, At Large 9; Cheryl Bradley, District 1; Lori Moya, District 6; Jayme Mathias, SECRETARY, District 2; Vincent M. Torres, PRESIDENT, District 4; Gina Hinojosa, VICE PRESIDENT, At Large 8; Robert Schneider, District 7; Amber Elenz, District 5;  Ann Teich, District 3;




District Map
‚ÄčDistrict Map (pdf)
Single Member District 1 Map (pdf)
Single Member District 2 Map (pdf)
Single Member District 3 Map (pdf)
Single Member District 4 Map (pdf)
Single Member District 5 Map (pdf)

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