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Welcome to Art Club!

The Groesbeck High School Art Club is comprised of a variety of students. We are not judgmental of gender, style, race, interests! Anyone and everyone is welcome! We get together once a week after school until about 4 pm. Students enjoy the art club because they feel like they can be themselves and express themselves in creative ways. We seem a little weird...but hey! Weird is Awesome!

Daily Schedule in the Art Room



1st Period


2nd Period

Professional Communications

3rd Period

Professional Communications

4th Period

Professional Communications

5th Period

Art I

6th Period


7th Period


8th Period

Art I

Art Class

Instead of focusing on the WHAT and the HOW...we are focusing on the WHY!

  • We will still be covering the elements of art:  line, shape, form, color, value, texture, and space

  • We will still be covering the principles of art:  proportion, unity, variety, rhythm, movement, contrast, and balance

  • We will be exploring with a variety of media:  clay, acrylic paint, watercolor, colored pencil, charcoal, conte, chalk pastels, oil pastels, ink, and a selection of drawing pencils.

We Are Now Utilizing Google Classrooms!  
Students Are Invited To A Specific Class, Relating To Their Class Period And Art Level.  

Professional Communications Class

Professional Communications blends written, oral, and graphic communication ina career-based environment.  Careers in the global economy require individuals to be creative, have a strong background in computer and technology applications, have a strong and solid academic foundation, and have a proficiency in professional oral and written communication. 

Within this context, students will be expected to develop and expand the ability to write, read, edit, speak, listen, apply software applications, manipulate computer graphics, and conduct Internet research.

Desirae Settlemyer

Desirae Settlemyer

Art and Professional Communications Teacher
Email Desirae Settlemyer
Classroom Number: 410