Fast Track

What is the FAST TRACK PROGRAM and is it for me? 

Admission Criteria

Students must complete an application for consideration and approval by the Fast Track Screening Committee prior to placement in the program.  Admission to the Fast Track program will be based on one of the following criteria for placement.

A student must be academically challenged in his/her current placement and in danger of not graduating with his/her peer group will be considered for placement. 

  • A student who is a parent or pregnant will be considered for placement.

  • A student who demonstrates a “hardship” which could possibly result in him/her dropping out of regular high school program will be considered for placement. 

  • Any student wishing to enroll in the Fast Track program must:

  • Meet with his/her academic counselor and discuss the student’s intent to apply for placement.

Fill out a Fast Track Application
Write a letter of intent to the Fast Track Committee, which expresses the student’s reason(s) for application and commitment to the program.  The student must include the circumstances he or she wishes the screening committee to consider in granting or denying the placement. The final decision to accept or deny any student’s application for enrollment in the Fast Track program will rest with the Fast Track screening committee and the high school administration.