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I graduated from Baylor University. I have been teaching for 24 years.

Eric Turrubiarte

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US History (1877 to Present)

Course description:  This course will chronologically cover general US history from the year 1877 to the present.  We will focus on important events, people, and influential political and social movements from this time period, as well as a special study of the US Constitution and other important founding documents.

Course methods:  This class will be taught using lecture and discussion, projects, written assignments, class readings, educational videos, etc.  Keeping up with your notes for this class is the most important part of your responsibility.  You must take and keep your notes in a folder which will be checked every grading period for a test grade.  EVERYTHING IN THIS CLASS REVOLVES AROUND YOUR NOTES.  DON’T LOSE THEM.

GoogleClassroom:  There will be frequent updates and class information and assignments posted to GoogleClassroom.  Every student will join the Classroom and must check their school email daily.  In the event school is shut down due to COVID concerns, all lessons, notes, and assignments will be posted through GoogleClassroom, and even students who don’t have regular internet access should try to check for emails anytime they might have an opportunity to do so.

Required materials:  Notebook paper, pen or pencil, folder with brads and pockets, and chromebook.  The textbook for this class is United States History since 1877 (McGraw-Hill).  We have a classroom set of books, and each student will have access to an online textbook.

Grading:  Grades for the class will be calculated 50% Test grades (Major exams and 9-week folder check) and 50% Daily grades (Quizzes, worksheets, class activities, etc).

Class rules and discipline:  Following the classroom rules is required in my class.  High school students should be mature enough to know how to act in a school setting, and this is expected from every student without exception.  Also, all GHS and GISD rules will be enforced and followed at all times.

Classroom Rules

Follow directions.

Take your seat when the tardy bell rings.

Bring your folder, pen, paper, and chromebook to class everyday.

Treat everyone with respect.

Course Timeline:  The following topics will be covered during each 9-week grading period.

1st 9 Weeks:  The US Constitution, Settling the West, American Industry, The Gilded         Age, Becoming a World Power

2nd 9 Weeks:  Life at the Turn of the 20th Century, The Progressive Era, World War I, The Jazz Age, The Great Depression

3rd 9 Weeks:  World War II, The Cold War, The Civil Rights Movement, America in the 60 and 70’s

4th 9 Weeks:  From the 80’s to the Present, STAAR TEST