Fight Song & School Song

School Song

When to the future days
Our song shall rise
Onward to victory
May we win again today

We'll give a cheer for old GHS
Long may she reign
Supreme in her victory
For the dear old Groesbeck High

The GHS Fight Song

Oh when that Groesbeck Goat team falls in line, We're gonna win this game another time.
For all those football boys we love so well, We're gonna fight, fight, fight, and yell, and yell, and yell.
We're gonna fight fight fight for every score.
We're gonna win this game and win some more.
We're gonna roll those (the team being played) in the sod, in the sod.
Roll, roll, roll.

B-I-G      R-E-D
Big Red, Big Red
Go Big Red, Go!