Facility Use & Rental

The Groesbeck Independent School District welcomes the use of district facilities by outside organizations/groups; however, such use of District facilities shall not be permitted when it interferes with the educational programs of any campus or District-scheduled activities, including facility maintenance and/or repair projects.

The District is a tax-supported nonprofit organization established to serve the students and youth residing within the boundaries of the District.  The District may, therefore, differentiate among various categories of organizations/groups (such as youth groups, non-profit organizations, for-profit organizations, and civic groups) in establishing the fee charged.  All organizations/groups within the same category shall be offered fair and equal access to District facilities.

See Board Policy GKD (LOCAL).

General Requirements

A responsible representative of a group or organization desiring to use a school facility shall submit a Facility Use Form after reviewing the Facility Use Guidelines at least 15 days prior to the desired date.

H. O. Whitehurst - Campus Office
Enge-Washington Intermediate - Campus Office
Groesbeck Middle School - Campus Office
Groesbeck High School - Campus Office
Culinary Arts Building - Administration Office
HS Football Stadium - Athletic Director
Softball and Baseball Fields - Athletic Director
Tennis Courts - Athletic Director

7th Grade Gym (White Gym by Middle School) – Groesbeck Middle School Campus Office

Click the following link to download the Facility Use Form: Facility Use Form Link