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August 24
Communication 101

GISD Admin

Sept. 20
Digital Safety

Jeni Janek

Oct. 18
Mental Health, Self Harm & Suicide


Nov. 15
College & Career Readiness

Karen Denney The Scholarship Lady of Central Texas

Dec. 13
Bullying and Cyberbullying

Joshua Webb & Ernesto Reyes
Crime Stoppers of Houston

Jan 24
Drug & Alcohol Awareness

Shae Garcia
Adult/Youth Probation Drug Counselor

Feb. 21
Human Trafficking

Bronda Hayes
UnBound program

Mar. 27
Parent Involvement


Apr. 24
Summer Engagement

Athletics, Boosters, Principals, Colleges

*Presenters will include ISD staff, law enforcement, Secret Service, mental health experts, Child Find experts, college staff, and more.