Parent-Teacher Association (PTA)

The current Groesbeck ISD PTA was formed in August 2016.  We are striving to build a stronger bond between the families and the school system.  As we go forward, we will inform the GISD families, schools, and community of the opportunities to help make us a stronger district and continue to work on the positive.

Some of the accomplishments of the Groesbeck ISD PTA so far this year have been the welcome back signs posted at the start of the school year to boost morale, fundraisers, and membership drive.

The Groesbeck ISD PTA's future goals are to “modernize” and brighten up the H. O. Whitehurst Theatre Room and to update the teachers’ lounge at Groesbeck Middle School.

If you would like to become a member of the Groesbeck ISD PTA, please send us an email or contact your child’s campus office.

Sindra McLean, President
Groesbeck ISD PTA