Suicide Prevention

Suicide Prevention

HELP PREVENT TEEN SUICIDE – “Friends Help Friends”

If you or a friend are having thoughts of suicide, the most important thing to do is immediately talk with an adult you trust.  This can be your parent, a school counselor, or a teacher.  

If you have a friend that tells you they are thinking of suicide and wants you to promise not to tell anyone, remember, “Friends help friends,” tell an adult.   If someone tells you something that worries you, make the right choice and tell an adult.   

If a trusted adult is not available, call the Suicide Hotline at 1-800-273-TALK (1-800-273-8255).

If there is an immediate danger, call 911.


Helpful Links:

Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide (Visit SPTS-USA)


Available for iPhone and Android

The ASK (Ask About Suicide to Save a Life) App is designed to teach the warning signs and how to ask if someone is considering suicide.

The Suicide Safer Home App offers practical tips for concerned parents and caregivers to keep families' suicide safer.

The Hope Box App is an interactive tool for youth to collect and store messages and images of help and hope.