Medications at School

Students’ medication should be administered at home whenever possible; however, Groesbeck ISD recognizes that a student may occasionally need to take medication(s) during school hours.  Medications prescribed once, twice, or three times a day should be given at home unless a specific time during school hours has been prescribed by the physician.

When home administration is not possible, the authorized staff may assist in the administration of medications to students during school hours in accordance with these procedures.  The campus nurses will act in compliance with the Nurse Practice Act (NPA) at all times and will not administer medication in a manner that conflicts with their professional duties and expectations under the Nurse Practice Act or GISD policies.

Should your child need medications to be given at school, please submit the Medication Authorization Form. (pdf) with medications to your child’s school nurse.

Please refer to the guidelines or contact your campus nurse if you have any questions about what is acceptable.

The following guidelines should be adhered to in the management of student medication:

  • The initial dose of a medication must be given by the parent/guardian.

  • Medication should be brought in by a parent/guardian or responsible adult, and the appropriate paperwork completed by the parent.

  • A Medication Administration Request form must be completed by the parent for each medication (prescription and non-prescription) requested to be given.  The prescription instructions must match the parent's request.  If there are any prescription changes, the parent/guardian must complete a new permission form.

  • Prescription medication must be in the original container and properly labeled.  It must have the name and address of the pharmacy; the name of the student; the name of the prescribing practitioner, the date the prescription was dispensed; instructions for use, and the expiration date of the medication.  All sample medications (including inhalers) dispensed by physicians must be accompanied by a written authorization/prescription for the medication and appropriately labeled for the student.

  • Non-prescription medications must be labeled with the student’s name in the original container and must have an expiration date.  Medication in plastic baggies or other non-original containers will not be administered.

  • Non-prescription medications that are requested to be given more than three (3) days consecutively must have a physician’s order.

  • Each campus may accept only a 30-day supply of prescription medication administered routinely.

  • Expired medications will not be given.

  • Only FDA-approved medications will be administered.  Homeopathic preparations or herbal supplements will not be accepted.

  • Aspirin or products containing aspirin will not be given.

  • The school nurse or substitute nurse will administer medications to students.  The Principal will designate an employee to administer the medication.

  • A parent/guardian must pick up all of their child’s medications after it is discontinued (within a week), and any as-needed medications must be picked up at the end of the school year.  Any medications that are not picked up by the parent/guardian will be disposed of according to the Texas School Health Guidelines on the last day of school.  No medications will be sent home with elementary and intermediate students.  No controlled (ADD/ADHD) medications will be sent home with any student.